Ruhaniyat is a soulful event that brings alive the messages of great Sufi saints and Mystics of a bygone era; immortal, inspiring works that talk of total surrender of ego, overcoming hatred, universal brotherhood, peace, harmony and oneness of all creation.

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    An ensemble of National and International artists with their colorful dresses, exotic instruments and powerful voices create an atmosphere of sufi, soul and heart warming music which has been enthralling audiences all over the world.

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The carriers of that beat, of that light of divine love are back, yet again with Ruhaniyat for the 18th consecutive year.

2018-19 Ruhaniyat will travel to Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Delhi and Ahmedabad

This year Banyan Tree's Ruhaniyat has reached the landmark of completing 18 years. This unique festival, the only one of its kind, will be traveling to 8 cities once again; covering East, West , south and North India. The most interesting aspect is that the festival features carriers of living traditions from remote parts of the country and as a rule, there are no star performers. Each year there are also special guest artists from other countries.

The festival presents the immortal works of great realized masters and saints that talk of oneness of all creations, universal brotherhood, peace, harmony and unconditional love.

More than a concert, Ruhaniyat is an enriching experience emerging from the combined power of music and spirituality; opening the hearts, and minds of all witnessing it. As the works of great masters and mystics come alive, they remind the listeners of the blissful path of spirituality, of the basic oneness of all beyond all man-made divides of class, caste, religion, race, language or nationality.

Most importantly, the festival has also created much needed bridges that ensure these living traditions, the unique aspects of our intangible heritage are nurtured. In that sense Ruhaniyat is also a platform to discover – discover new forms, new talents. But more than anything else, it helps one to discover a little peaceful realm within and connect with it.

Conceived and curated by Mahesh Babu, Managing Director of Banyan Tree Events, Ruhaniyat is now considered a movement; connecting all who believe in the power of unconditional love, total surrender of ego and unity of all.

The festival opens in Mumbai as always and this year's guest artists from other countries are Mehdi Emami & group from Iran and Olena Uttai from Yakutia, Russia.

While Olena Uttai will be a solo performer, the Mehdi Emami's group will be part of the Indo-Iranian production called When hearts connect where they will collaborate with the group Chaar Yaar. The mystic pathways series this year will feature a beautiful collaboration between Louvat Brothers from Belgium and Mukhtiyar Ali from Bikaner, India.

The acts from India in the 2 day Mumbai edition are:

Kahat Kabir by Moralala from Kutchh, So said the saints of Maharashtra by Avadhoot Gandhi, Divine love songs and more by Pinki Saikhom of Manipur, Chaar Yaar from New Delhi, Parvathy Baul, Mystic story of Rani Bhatiyani of Rajasthan, and qawwali by Warsi brothers and Anwar Hussain Niyazi and group.

Besides these in Mumbai, in other cities i.e. Delhi, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Hyderabad , Ahmedabad, Chennai and Pune carriers of several other living traditions will be featured like Rifayi Fakirs, Abdul Hafiz Rashid from Kashmir, Sindhi Saraiki by Ismail Para, Mukhtiyar Ali, as well as a Belgiun Group, Louvat Brothers, and Hosso Khosbayar from Mongolia, the Duo Two Siberians from Russia who will collaborate with the Manganiyars of Rajasthan.



Schedule for 2018-2019
Cities Dates Time Venue Tickets / Bookings
Mumbai 24th & 25th Nov 2018 6.30pm Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya (Formerly Prince of Wales Museum), Fort Register on banyantree.mum@gmail.com
Kolkatta 01st December 2018 6.30pm Tollygunge Club www.bookmyshow.com
Delhi 02nd December 2018 6.30pm Amphitheatre, The Ashok www.bookmyshow.com
Bengaluru 15th December 2018 6.30pm Jayamahal Palace Hotel www.bookmyshow.com
Hyderabad 16th December 2018 6.30pm Taramati Baradari Amphitheatre, Gandipeth www.bookmyshow.com
Chennai 03rd February 2019 6.30pm Madras Race Club, Guindy Coming Soon on www.bookmyshow.com
Ahmedabad 08th February 2019 6.30pm Vastrapur Amphitheatre, Vastrapura Lake Coming Soon on www.bookmyshow.com
Pune 10th February 2019 6.30pm Empress Botanical Garden, Camp    Coming Soon on www.bookmyshow.com

Banyan Tree Events is a premier cultural organization of India, known for its world class presentations. It works with special focus on discovering and nurturing the rich cultural heritage of rare, traditional performing arts featuring the finest of artists from across India and other countries.

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November is here… naturally, the Ruhaniyat vibrations are already filling the heart, the air, the phone call enquiries …

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